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Appreciation Ceremony - CHP Honoree

Rosie's Quinceanera - Award Winning Portrait


    1. Family Photos
    2. Individual Photos
    3. Set up for an Event 
      "Mobile Photo Studio" 

A Mobile Photo Studio will allow your guests to have their photo taken, and receive a fine quality 4" x 6" photo in minutes.
  • Your Special Event 
  • Non-profit photos for Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween and Photos with Santa, etc.
  • We are prepared for large events!  

Award Winning Photographer


   Mary Jane Poulter

Talent Show 

Photo with Santa- Award Winning Photo

A Wonderful Memento

You or your guests will have the opportunity to be photographed by an award winning photographer.

The photographer will create a relaxed and friendly environment focusing on each individual so their personality will show through in their photo.  

 For convenience and cost effective, Group and Family photos may be e-mailed. 



 You’ve made the decision to make this your special day, a time you will always remember. 

   And we’re here to help you along.   We warmly welcome you to contact our expert staff and photographer.

  We would love to discuss your goals and how we can help you meet them. 


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